About Us

The History of ACE

In 2014, a miraculous partnership was struck. Two men, both admiring the other’s capabilities, decided to get together and create a way to educate dog owners on care.

Dr. Jeff Grognet, a veterinarian that has seen almost 40 years of practice, is at the forefront of veterinary medicine, suggests a different way to provide care that focusses on promoting dog health. He has veered away from the routine health programs utilized by most veterinarians. Less is more is the mantra.

Mike Annan, after teaching dog obedience and doing behavior consultations for over 15 years, formulated a new way to work with dogs that goes beyond the cookie cutter approach that trainers and behaviorists use.

Together, they created a holistic and reward orientated system focussed on enhancing your relationship with your dog. It is a system that embodies a way to train and work for dogs that does not include dominance or corrections, and a health system that looks at the individual dog and how to make them fitter.

ACE methods do involve understanding why dogs do what they do and using this to help them through life. It allows us to create a bond that is beneficial to both. It also shows us how to help dogs display the behavior that they should.

The first ACE course was the Shelter and Rescue Certification Course. This was taught at the local shelter and it has been used by many places as a complete program for managing the dogs in their care.

After that, we created obedience courses, behavior solutions, and a canine first responder course.

We have always done behavior consultations, and we have two ways you can help your dog. Sign up for the free lessons so you can understand how to tackle behavior. It includes an introduction to the behavior course as well as the consultations done by Dr. Jeff

The ACE Logo

This was designed and created by Dr. Louise Janes, Jeff’s wife and partner at their veterinary hospital. The colors were chosen to represent why ACE exists.

The orange signifies communication, an important element when we are working with dogs or their people.

The green is growth and learning.

The purple points at the spiritual connection between animals and people.