Behavior Course and Consultation

I wanted to help people with problem dogs. I went to seminars. I studied the textbooks. But, it wasn’t working.

The gurus that know behavior told me, “If you see this, do that”. They were handling it like any other disease diagnosis I’d make, which means that a treatment is suggested. But, dogs were too individual and they didn’t follow the rules. This prescriptive method failed.

Over time, I found the problem. The answer was right in front of me. Every medication we have for behavior issues says the same thing – they should be used alongside a behavior modification program designed for that dog.

I now know that giving the pills is easy. Designing a behavior program to accompany them is hard.

I found, or actually met, a solution over a decade ago.

I met a behaviorist, and he was having success using new techniques. Rather than following the established texts, his ideas came from the human side through his work with PTSD victims.

Initially I sent owners with problem dogs to him and it worked well. I decided that I needed to learn it.

We teamed up and created ACE and I’ve worked with Mike Annan since 2013. Initially, we did behavior consultations together while a learned his method. And, then I began doing them on my own. Mike got busier with other projects, and now, I do them exclusively.

What I found is that I had to shed the outdated thinking and move to a hands-on approach. This has taken a massive amount of time and persistence.

My consultations take 1-1/2 hours or more. That is why veterinarians in practice can’t do them. It is too busy to devote that time. But, it takes time to tease out the history, identifying if trauma exists, what is the route of the problem, and determining how to change that reaction.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the road to success

can be overwhelmingly difficult (and expensive!)

I learned through books and the school of hard knocks for over 30 years, always longing for something better. In the beginning, I didn’t have a teacher. Then I got one. I was lucky.

Just so you know, you can learn all this yourself. You need lots of time, and a mentor to teach you.

You have something special that I didn’t have…all the knowledge you need has been distilled into one full-on course. This is where you can learn everything you need to work with your dog’s behavior. It takes you from understanding the fundamentals to implementing a plan. I use these principles constantly in my one-on-one work with dog behavior clients.

The overwhelming majority of folks prefer to learn new things with video! Not books, and not on the internet. This course is set up so that you can sit down and watch the webinars, learning from each one.

Behavior Solutions Bundle

What's in the Course??

The Behavior Solutions Course

Do you have a behavior issue that is holding back your trust in your dog? This course is all you need to fix your dog's behavior issues at home.

This course has 10 lessons and each one begins with foundation learning. The first webinar helps you understand why your dog is displaying these behaviors. The next part shows you how to change your dog’s response. This allows you to fast forward your work with your dog.

This is not based on outdated dominance theories and using equipment to harm dogs. It is based on widely used psychology principles clinical practitioners use in people today.

Let’s do a quick review:

1. Becoming Canine Trauma Informed

  • This is how you learn the most common driver for “bad” behavior. Find out how it impacts how you work with dogs.
  • We look at separation anxiety, handling off-leash approaching dogs, and I’ve included the 30 day survival guide for the rescue dog because many have past trauma.

2. Counterconditioning and Desensitization

  • You may have heard these words, but how do you use them practically? Learn how to use these valuable tools with behaviors like over-reactivity and separation anxiety.

3. Graded Exposure

  • How do we get a dog used to a stimulus so s/he doesn’t react? This foundation shows you the mechanics so you can adapt it to your situation.
  • You’ll see a weekend plan for separation anxiety (which includes crate training), a mall walk (to reduce reactivity), and how to reduce fear of car rides.

4. Window of Tolerance

  • You’ve probably been told that when your dog is reacting, wave a treat in front of him. This lesson shows why that doesn’t work. His reactivity is too high.
  • Learn how to settle your dog on a leash walk, and how to work on socialization.

5. Hyperarousal and Hypoarousal

  • Two different ends of the spectrum. Deciding where your dog is on that spectrum shows you how to deal with it.
  • See how to introduce tools to fearful dogs, and how to deal with submissive urination.

6. Integrated Victory Management

  • In a word, we want SUCCESS. More importantly, we don’t want our dogs to fail. See how you can trigger success when it counts the most.
  • Find specific solutions for prey drive, jumping up, separation anxiety, and a simple lesson called the leave it – take it which can help avoid poisonings.

7. Relationship Building

  • If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, you can’t teach anything. This is how you do it.

8. Ultimate At-Home Obedience Course

  • This is detailed below under the bonusses.

9. Reactive Dogs

  • Reactive dogs deserve their own lesson. This will help you understand how to help your dog. The goal – a dog that relaxes beside you rather than out of control.

10. Pharmacologic Interventions in Behavior

  • Many people think there is a magic pill for behavior. There isn’t! But, I’ll tell you when it is useful and why.
  • We look at how to use medication with aggression, compulsive behavior, and treating cognitive syndrome.


Behavior Videos Bundle

Ultimate How-To Behavior and Training Video Package

The ACE Behavior Solutions is our foundation Course. We’ve added a complementary “How To” resource of 41 videos and documents that augment the foundation, putting it into a practical sense. These videos are vital to having success with your dog’s behavior!

Doorbell Down  - Get your dog to relax when someone comes to the door. Don’t be embarrassed or having to lock your dog in the bedroom.

Meet and Greet Series - Your dog has to meet other people and dogs. See how to control the situation.

The Walking on Leash lesson shows you how to achieve a calm walk on a leash.

Rest and Relaxation  - Exercise which shows you how to get your dog to relax at crucial times.

Prey Drive and Distractions - Get your dog to ignore the stimulus with a focus on Car Chasing, Predacious Behavior, Handler’s Presence (needed if you want your dog to listen to you), using the recall and stay with distractions.

Treadmill Training – a fun course that shows you how to train your dog to use a treadmill. This is a great way to get the exercise so your dog can relax and learn.

Athome Bundle

A complete at-home obedience course is included. You will use these skills throughout your behavior modification program. This complete course includes:

Tools and Equipment – a how-to guide on what to use and how to use it.

The Sit – the easiest and most essential skill to learn.

The Down – useful when placing your dog in a rest and relaxation area.

The Stay – necessary for success in placing you dog in one spot.

The Stand Stay – a great skill for when you want to wipe the feet or tie your shoelace.

Heel Work – Get your dog controlled on a leash.

The Automatic Sit – you stop, your dog sits dutifully beside you. A very handy skill.

The Recall – This is how you get your dog to come.

The Present – What does your dog do when he comes? It’s called the “present”.

The Finish – A nice addition to the recall when you want your dog beside you.

With this course you don’t need to go to class. It is the same as if you spent 8 weeks, or more likely two classes of eight weeks each that could cost up to $500 to learn the same skills. You can review the videos and we encourage you to practice these skills with your invisible dog (practice with leash only) so that when you do the training, you know what to do.

Personal Consultations

Before we go any further, I want to tell you about the personal consultation I can provide.

This is 90 minute personalized consultation with Dr. Jeff Grognet, either in-person - Parksville area at the ACE headquarters, or at your home (extra travel charges apply), or through Zoom. You will first understand why your dog acts the way he does, and then get a plan for dealing with any behavior issue. Includes one follow-up Zoom meeting up to 30 minutes.


Some of the issues I deal with are:

Reactivity • Phobias • Panic Disorder • Social Anxiety Disorder • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • Trauma or Stress Injuries • Generalized Anxiety Disorder •Aggression

I include access to the Premium Edition which includes the complete Behavior Solutions Course and bonusses. I refer to these webinars for education after the consultation. Included is the At-Home Obedience Course that you can use to learn skills or sharpen the ones you already have.

You have access to all these courses as long as you need so that you can work on other issues that may arise.

This includes the consultation, follow-up, and the behavior course as long as you need it. If you need any further information on the consultation, send an email to Dr. Jeff.

Sweet! It all sounds great, but what about the investment?

First of all, I want to be honest. I’m not going to lie to you (or rip you off).


I want to build a lasting relationship with you and continue a sustainable business. I am creating more courses and I want you to be happy with this.

I’m pricing according to value.

The average person that I do a consultation has already seen 2 or more “trainers” for their dog’s behavior. They’ve already spent at least $500, and often more than $1000. And, they are no closer to a resolution. Besides the money, you’ll also be saving tons of time and energy.

I want to help you out with your dog

I have set up a discount and it is included in the buttons below. I will tell you more in the emails. Once I finish with my mailing with free content, the discount is over. You can get the course or the consultation with me anytime but you’ll be paying full price.

Here are the links for the two options:

Well, I'm being very diligent with Gemma and she's doing marvellously. Today, when she was off leash we had a young dog surprised us & come roaring up. I had noticed the dog before Gemma so I went over her and started stuffing her with treats along with the "look at me" command. Even though the other dog came right up to me and sniffed my treat pocket Gemma never took her eyes off me. That has been the biggest test so far. We have, of course, come across other dogs in the last few weeks but none of them came so close. I realize it's still early days and I won't stop the exercise until at least the end of the month. I'm really very proud of her, she has picked up with these lessons very quickly.


- Sharon W.

We took our foster dog Tucker to a behavioural counseling session with Dr. Jeff. He gave us tools to work with and access to great online resources (Behavior Solutions course). It's very empowering and educational to work like this. The techniques are explained clearly and help you become a better trainer, since you also learn the "why", rather than just the "how".

- Kimberlee V.

When I rescued my German Shepherd Marshall, I did not know what I would be getting. While he was beautiful, he lacked manners, chased cats, was leash aggressive and fear reactive. With helpful, clear, calm tips from the ACE group, and a lot of slow, calm, positive reinforcement, we were able to help Marshall overcome a lot of his behavioural issues. The tips I learnt from ACE continue to help me, help Marshall overcome obstacles with reactivity and manners. While he will never be an off-leash dog, we are able to have beautiful walks and friendly visits.

- Samantha L.

Some Questions I get asked a lot!

You can move through the program at your own pace – blitz the videos over a weekend (which will allow you to learn a lot), or watch a few each week for better comprehension. The implementation takes longer. You can see results in a few days to weeks, but you should see steady progress and the ability to keep the training going. The course is designed so that you can revisit it when you need a refresher or need to tackle a new issue.

We have a secure classroom that you log in to watch them. As you watch each one, you’ll see it marked complete. Access to the course never ends and you can rewatch or share them as often as you need.

No worries. Just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. This applies to the course only.

Yes. I will be adding further webinars as time goes on. These will be based on customer questions and needs.

Not at all. You can choose the areas that make the most sense for you to learn. I do suggest watching the foundation lesson for that segment before reviewing the how to videos below it.

Email drjeff at

Yes. That is what the consultation is for. I’d be glad to help you.

Maybe 🙂