Essentials of Shelter and Rescue Care Certification

The Essentials of Shelter and Rescue Care was our inaugural course at ACE. This course arose because of our passions. We wanted to help the animals and there was no better way than providing information to the people on the front lines at shelters and rescue organizations.

We put together a curriculum and then launched the program by teaching it to the SPCA shelter in Port Alberni.

This course consists of seven webinars with over 95 minutes of instruction. In these, you will get obedience lessons geared to the shelter dog – the one who needs training from the ground up. Of course, all the techniques are non-corrective. Only positive methods are used. None of that dominant stuff.

As well, there is a written part to each of the eight lessons. What do we cover? Lots. Let’s highlight a few things.

Behavior. In dogs, we look at fighting, barking, separation anxiety, fear and anxiety, as well as prey drive. In cats, housesoiling and aggression are the topics. For both, we have a behavioral assessment that can help you figure out what your challenges are.

For dogs, Mike has put together a comprehensive set of exercises that you can use to launch your teaching and train from the ground up.

Dr. Jeff looks at the medical needs of cats and dogs. What diseases are an issue in rescued/sheltered dogs? How can you prevent them? What vaccines are needed? How can you recognize pain in the animals you are looking after?

Finally, we have included a section on compassion fatigue. We know you are dedicated and we want you to be able to work in the field for many more years. Recognizing what pressure can do to you can help you avoid this debilitating problem.

There are many more topics and the detail is astounding! When you pass the examination at the end (you need 80% to do that), you obtain a certificate for 24 hours of education. It shows your commitment to the animals. If you need any additional attempts at the examination, retakes are available.