I feel like I’ve tried everything with my dog and failed

Help for You and Your Dog!

The ACE Behavior Solutions is a 10-part online course key to helping your dog be the best member of the family that they can be. You can enjoy knowing what to do with problem behavior so that you can be proud of your dog in any situation.

Let me tell you why my program is so successful and what I teach:

    • The first part is to understand why your dog is displaying these behaviors.
    • The next part is to see how we can change your dog’s response.
    • This is not based on outdated dominance theories and using equipment to harm dogs.
    • It is based on widely used psychology principles clinical practitioners use today in people.

Knowing what to do allows you to fast forward your work with your dog. It is time to say goodbye to wasting time using ineffective training methods.

The first part Is the ACE Behavior Solutions Course

Behavior Solutions Bundle

An entire behavior course ready for you! You can decide when and where you watch the videos. You don’t have to pay for an expensive behaviorist or go to class. You can implement at your own pace, either slow or fast. And anyone who works with your dog can also log in, see the same videos, and join in on the journey of creating a well-behaved dog.

This course has 10 lessons and each one begins with foundation learning. Let’s do a quick review:

1. Becoming Canine Trauma Informed

    • This is how you learn…

2. Counterconditioning and Desensitization

    • You may have heard these words, but how do you use them practically? This is where you learn how to use these valuable tools with behaviors like over-reactivity and separation anxiety.

3. Graded Exposure

    • How do we get a dog used to a stimulus so there is no reaction? This foundation shows you the mechanics of how to do this.

4. Window of Tolerance

    • You’ve probably been told that when your dog is reacting, wave a treat in front of him. This lesson shows why that doesn’t work.

5. Hyperarousal and Hypoarousal

    • Two different ends off the spectrum but telling where your dog is on that spectrum and how to deal with it is the key.

6. Integrated Victory Management

    •  In a word, we want SUCCESS. And, we don’t want our dogs to fail. See how you can trigger success when it counts the most.

7. Relationship Building

    • If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, you can’t teach anything. This is how you do it.

8. Obedience Training

    • This lesson is an entire course designed to help you train your dog in the essential tools that you can use in your behavior program.

9. Reactive Dogs

    • Reactive dogs deserve their own lesson. This will help you understand how to help these dogs. Picture a dog that relaxes beside you rather than out of control.

10. Pharmacologic Interventions in Behavior

    • Many people think there is a magic pill for behavior. There isn’t! But, we can tell you when it is useful and why
Behavior Videos Bundle

The ACE Behavior Solutions is our foundation Course. We’ve added the “How To” resource of 41 videos and documents that augment the foundation, putting it into a practical sense. These videos are vital to having success with your dog’s behavior.

You will delve into how to build your relationship in a practical way, how to settle on a leash walk, how going to the mall can help your dog, and a weekend plan for separation anxiety.

Athome Bundle

We include a complete at-home obedience course. You will use these skills throughout your behavior modification program. This is a complete course which includes:

  • Tools and equipment - a how to guide on what to use and how to use it.
  • The sit – the easiest and most essential skill to learn.
  • The down – useful when placing your dog in a rest and relaxation area.
  • The stay – necessary for success with not moving.
  • The stand stay – a great skill for when you want to wipe the feet or tie your shoelace.
  • Heel work – This is how to get your dog controlled on a leash.
  • The automatic sit – you stop, your dog sits dutifully beside you. A nice sidewalk skill.
  • The recall – This is how you get your dog to come.
  • The present – What does he do when he comes? The present so you can get control.
  • The finish – A nice addition to the recall when you want you dog beside you.

The benefit of this course is that you don’t need to go to class. It is the same as if you spent 8 weeks attending an in-person class – you learn the same skills. But, you can review the videos and we encourage you to practice these skills with your invisible dog (practice with leash only) so that when you do the training, you know what to do.

COVID Bundle

The COVID Bunker course came about because Dr. Jeff was in the office, but there were many who couldn’t get out, and many more that weren’t able to see their veterinarians.

It was called the “Bunker Course” from imagining people in their bunker, desperate for information. The course evolved to include:

Lesson 1 – Coronaviruses and Your Pet

    • What risk is the virus to your pets? What risk are your pets to you?

Lesson 2 – Heartworm and Deworming

    • Do you need prevention? Do you need the testing (you’ll be surprised)?
    • How often do you need to deworm?

Lesson 3 – Nutrition – Make your own Food

    • A lesson on how to make your own food for better nutrition off your dog

Lesson 4 – Emergencies

    • A review of how to recognize and treat some of the emergencies seen in dogs.

Lesson 5 – Vaccinations

    • A look at what vaccines are necessary and how long they are good for. Did you know that core vaccines can last for nine years?

The total cost of this program is $672. You can get it for $89 right now.


You are probably shocked that I am including so much for you with these courses!

But, I have one more thing. I am also including a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t think it is valuable to you, send an email and I will refund you, no questions asked.

You can have access in just minutes by purchasing now!

If you are serious that you want to make a change in your relationship with your dog, and you want to start, get the program today. This is the time to start enjoying your dog like never before!

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Here's What People Are Saying:

"Well, I'm being very diligent with Gemma and she's doing marvellously. Today, when she was off leash we had a young dog surprised us & come roaring up. I had noticed the dog before Gemma so I went over her and started stuffing her with treats along with the "look at me" command. Even though the other dog came right up to me and sniffed my treat pocket Gemma never took her eyes off me. That has been the biggest test so far. We have, of course, come across other dogs in the last few weeks but none of them came so close. I realize it's still early days and I won't stop the exercise until at least the end of the month. I'm really very proud of her, she has picked up with these lessons very quickly."

- Sharon W


"We took our foster dog Tucker to a behavioural counseling session with Dr. Jeff. He gave us tools to work with and access to great online resources (note from ACE – this is the Behavior Solutions course). It's very empowering and educational to work like this. The techniques are explained clearly and help you become a better trainer, since you also learn the "why", rather than just the "how"."


- Kimberlee V

"When I rescued my German Shepherd Marshall, I did not know what I would be getting. While he was beautiful, he lacked manners, chased cats, was leash aggressive and fear reactive. With helpful, clear, calm tips from the ACE group, and a lot of slow, calm, positive reinforcement, we were able to help Marshall overcome a lot of his behavioural issues. The tips I learnt from ACE continue to help me, help Marshall overcome obstacles with reactivity and manners.  While he will never be an off-leash dog, we are able to have beautiful walks and friendly visits."

Samantha L

"Mike, we wanted to pass along our thanks and gratitude for your assistance with Jazz, our Golden Retriever puppy. We love our little puppy but she was totally out of control, running our house and running us ragged! David and I have learned so much during the time you spent with us (both at classes and at home). Your professional and patient training with both Jazz and us has had a profound impact on our home, Jazz is now a joy to have around and so much fun. We cannot thank you enough. Absolutely the best investment we have made in a very long time."


- David and Charmaine.

"Piper, our Lab/Border Collie pup was a hand full, always trying to be the Alpha Dog. I initially took her to a Kinderpuppy class but it was more a social event for the dog no real obedience training. We have just completed the 8 week obedience training course Mike offered. Great results, Piper actually listens and now obeys me, and get this she is now heeling without a leash. On our walks several people comment on how on how obedient Piper is. Thanks Mike and I will recommend your class to all those who will listen."



"We have 2 large breed dogs, both were rescues and both came with their own set of ideas. Although we love our boys we were having some problems - uncontrolled barking, charging the fence line, demanding, poor walking habits, overly aggressive greeting rituals. Mike has taught us some tools, techniques and rules. Now we are able to live as a large family with everyone’s tail wagging. We have been able to pass info onto our human families that has made living with our Gentle giants so pleasurable. We have further developed our relationships with our dogs and we are continuing to learn and train everyday. Now that we are in control as leaders our pack just follows us around. Thanks Mike you are awesome."


-Dee C.

30 day

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