Mike Annan, ACE BC, OSI-SI

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Mike was born in Leduc Alberta and raised in Vancouver BC. During early school, it was evident that his passion was working with dogs. He even spent some time on a horse ranch. But his other interest was hockey. He reached semi-professional, university and professional levels.

After deciding that a career in hockey would be neat but not practical, he began managing construction projects.

Then a particular dog reignited his old passion. The dog was a rescue named Salvador. Sal was a handful and Mike quickly realized he needed help. After working with a local behaviourist and seeing so many positive changes in Salvador, Mike came to the conclusion that this was meant to be his life’s work. He decided to follow his passion and pursue a career.

Mike’s education began with the Canadian Institute of Professional Dog Training in 2001. Mike quickly developed Sal Pacific Canine Behaviour Consulting and the Sal Pacific Canine Obedience School. Until 2016, Mike taught thousands of dogs in class and hundreds on one-on-one behavioral consultations.

Mike is now Director of Training and Behavior programs for this ACE Academy for Canine Educators.

In a project to train and create service dogs for people with PTSD, Mike was the Co-Founder, Executive Director, Program Director and Head Trainer for Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs 2008 – 2018. The program he developed was the first internationally accredited program of its kind.

Mike moved to a position of Professional Service Dog Instructor for an Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Accredited School. He has been Executive Director for VICD Service Dogs BC & Alberta 2018 to present.

A constant for over 20 years has been Mike’s involvement in various rescue organizations across Canada. They have benefitted from his experience and caring ways. Mike continues his teaching in person and on-line