Ultimate At-Home Obedience

Mike believes in non-corrective training. His training methods are based on his Integrated Victory Training/Behavior Thesis. As he says, you want to do "dog training", not "dog pulling".

We want to build a relationship with our dogs based on creating and rewarding positive behavior. If you want to train your dog the right way, this core skills obedience course is for you!

Here is a run-down of what the ACE Ultimate At-Home Obedience course contains:

Sit - the essential command that we need to begin and succeed with

Down - an extension of the sit

Stay - required when we want our dog to stay in one place

Recall - a simple way to teach your dog to come to you

Present - when your dog comes to you, what is he supposed to do? This is the answer

Autosit - a command that allows our dog to settle in a sit when you stop walking

Heel work - there are many ways to get a dog to stay "at heel". This is the easiest and kindest way